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lirik lagu 1982 – tell me lies


[intro] [termanology talking]:
yeah. you see. i had this one girl. she was a dime but, she kept telling me lies. sorta like these raps dude. so…f-ck it i’ll make up whatever i want

go ahead and tell me lies
make up anything you must
go ahead and tell me lies

[verse 1: termanology]
i sold more than nelly
and r. kelly
and makaveli
son/sun i’m a star
i’m so major
that i got a waiter
waitin’ for me in the back seat of my car
i ain’t like these cats that pretend
i’ve been shot more times than 50 cent
but in the chest
with no vest
and i still hit the bong like evidence
or michael phelps
think i need some psycho help
cause i don’t even like myself
i k!lled a police captain
and my album
politics as usual went platinum
double platinum
almost went triple
why you think my diamonds lookin’ like skittles?
oh fo’ shizzle
i was so tizzle
with a trunk full of black automatic pistols
i had j-lo and beyonce together
and now we havin’ kids together
i’m under pressure cause i got so many mils
and i got so many deals
how the boy so chill?
i need a lawyer for my lawyer cause i’m gettin’ paid
and i got a maid dustin’ like pedroia
cans of the goya
stuffed full of dope
gettin’ shipped over here man on my big boat

“living up to what you say on records, it’s all entertainment. everybody in their f-ckin right mind knows you can talk about shooting somebody on the record, but motherf-cker ain’t finna really gonna do it, unless you just stupid. this is entertainment. we make records. that’s all it is. this is like…our f-ckin jobs” – dr. dre from the motion picture ‘the show’

[verse 2: styles p]
i got a trillion bucks and a million cars
i bought a sp-ceship and a crib on mars
i paid the government to make a clone of me
i own stones bigger than you home you should roll with me
back to the future car, like michael j. fox
everyday i’m building with bill gates and wal-mart
i’m smoother than the man that made ?
so you gon’ hear it on the news that i’m tryin’ to buy the ocean
callin’ nasa to buy airsp-ce
diamonds that blind men, i keep it in a rare place
so rich you can’t envision the dude
you gettin’ fresh while i’m throwin’ on invisible suits
yeah, and i’m way more than royal
mastercard, visa card, made out of oil
i got the world’s best timin’
and an american express card made out of diamonds, yeah

a lot of the music, as good as we think it is, it ain’t 100% you
but you understand how these kids get these opportunities, like you know, they got this gift to make these records. they get success. instead of takin’ that success and, and doin’ the right thing…a lot of ’em take that success as a green light to go to h-ll. do all the wrong sh-t