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lirik lagu 1982 – money is reality


[verse 1: action bronson]

respect the mustache, my people l-st cash and puff the cut gr-ss
of spite, known to let a nut fly, right in your sl-t mask
ring of fire full i step inside fishing to cut gl-ss
tongue poll shaking pillars, you’re like a steak a sizzler
i’m like a lunch with no boo dip with the whole crew
cause false moves get your whole face smothered like soul food
right by the waist i got the pro tool, it’s simply logic
produce this hard d-ck in seconds, make your b-tch m-ssage it
you’re like a forty dollar holler from guadalajara
gushing to scamma motherf-cker’s ain’t promised tomorrow
badges of honor on the chest the flesh got wounds in it
got inmates with -ssh0l-s that got balloons in it
versace blue jeans 98 the scent of me
now the scent of me be primarily the scent of tree
f-cking feedback, play me feed back
before i shoot you, shorty take the charge, steve nash

[verse 2: termanology]

don’t interrupt me i’ll silly putty you for the money
red sauce, calamari you with the feeling’s funny
i’m dealing twenties k!lling forties by the oz
my brain is scattered like i been swallowing ocs
beantown to queens, you hear the rounds and screams
where they pat down your jeans, take your money and your trees
the diamond rocker devouring vodka shrimp and lobster
pop you and turn you into pasta papa look in my cara
the flow’s furious, so serious cold k!llers
who rip sh-t, spit sick, and stole millions
hit em with lead and then men’ll run in your grandma house
clear it out, steal everything in it but the couch
term brady and action sanchez
stacks of fair bread, clap and peel wigs
the type of feeling i get when i write a rhyme
is the violentest blood-infested k!lling of all time
i’m a beast