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lirik lagu 171 reezy – that part


171 reezy n~gga
ima make ya n~ggas rap
on god
ah huh

look, tmc on my chest
want vvs on my neck
bad b~tch double ds on her breast
i’m that n~gga my id you could check
and that’s no bs
foul play get put on tmz in a sec
after catching this tech
earned my stripes in the game but i don’t ball like the ref
sum more like steph .. if he switched to the left
running laps around these n~ggas they still catching they breathe
hbg la familia that’s my gang that i rep
double or nothing let em know that there’s a don in this b~tch
if flex was in the building he would drop a bomb on this sh~t
giving my all to the game feel like im bron’ in this sh~t
09’ drizzy im so far gone in this sh~t

now it’s time to double back
put money in duffle bag
get good head on a good bed fall asleep up on a 100 racks
then wake up and smell the grass
so many hours passed
and even tho this sh~t timeless i know you n~ggas wouldn’t last

we in the 4th quarter feel like kobe biting his jersey
the shots i done put up was no where perfect
i’m in state of mind it gotta die if it ain’t working
that’s why i tend to stay away from things i’ll end up hurting

but it’s frequent visits to the clerk
young n~gga i put in work
my b~tch want a new bag so you know i gotta get in my f~cking birk
early bird don’t get the worm you gon k!ll the most you gon get it first
they don’t appreciate the love til it’s rage then watch the uzi vert

mama raise three on her own she really was a stand up
now it’s time to take care of her n~gga it’s time to man up
f~ck instagram pops was trapping so he had to get them grams up
serving jack & jill just to get the gem adam sandler
my family i would do a bid for them n~gga
til death do us part i would really k!ll for them n~gga
don’t know the struggles as a kid don’t know the feeling lil n~gga
of knowing you can die at any moment and having to live with it n~gga

i’m so trapped up in my thoughts like nah this can’t be right
but where i’m from is like gotham it’s always dark nights
from where black is beautiful but could get k!lled by a white
from where one of these jealous n~ggas could try n take my life

so i move accordingly and stay tight with my clique
7 days a week grind period cuz life is a b~tch
ya could live through the internet with all that typing n sh~t
tryna see life for more than it is be enlightened n sh~t

put some ice on my fits
cause i been hurt since a jit
traumatized seeing bullets fly praying i don’t get hit
knowing men lie and women lie so i don’t listen to sh~t
chasing my dream i ain’t stopping i’m refusing to quick

a lot of you square n~ggas could never get in my circle
i say f~ck a friendship the closest to you gon hurt you
wanna catch them snakes now but i know patience is a virtue
true colors are shown eventually so don’t let it alert you
they gon talk and just talk to try to get in yo head
don’t say sh~t back cuz they won’t listen to sh~t that you said
cuz i avoid conflict don’t mean i ever been scared
i’ll smack a n~gga waves off drag a n~gga by his dreads

on these days i see clearly but i ain’t talking bout edge
rated r for reezy the superstar paint em red
white ts turn burgundy now i’m ducking the feds
it kinda f~ck wit my head .. now i’m spearing through the meds

some gon act rich in reality they f~cking broke
i ain’t never have sh~t, so i’m always staying woke

some gon claim it but they ain’t never been real
you shouldn’t have to speak on it .. they should already know you will

some really live this sh~t some just tell a tale
reezy n~gga don sh~t god sh~t alpha male

some gon act tough but we know they ain’t that hard
the fake always get exposed that part