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lirik lagu 17 x 150 – smoke on me


[hook: blacks]
smoke on me
do it with bro or ten toes man get smoked like trees
who what where these n-gg-s are actors lenny henry
work like ri ri got a hotline like drake [x2]

[verse 1: rage]
look when i went ham
i thought f-ck that and went ham cos n-body helped me with sh-t
so i flipped packs
so i flipped packs for the racks
man i ain’t got time for when i trap
got the g’s them here di di dip so they want that back
i just want more racks for machines and the packs of the amm
rolling with clips see an opp boy you know i bust that though
then i run a man down till he can’t f-cking run no more
dip mans face
you know i dip mans face after an elbow to the jaw
man i get paid for the draws like b and racks and they’re raw

[hook x2]

[verse 2: stickz]
got a hotline like drake
runners they work like ri ri
plus i ain’t got no olders so man don’t ask bout dv
man i do trap till my foot dem black and my foot dem cheesy
i do what i and they like what i do so the gyaldem needy
i’m stalled and i’m c-cky
still bang man in the face
mamma should’ve named me rocky
i bang so much in spot
man i should’ve lived in stocky
i smoke so much loud with the mandem
man we could’ve lived off broccoli [x2]

[hook x2]

[verse 3: mdargg]
you n-gg-s ain’t ready
gyal look forward to the lunchtime man she ain’t even had breaky
hand ting big ting dezzy so manaman hold that steady
that n-gg- he a good yute mamma should’ve named you gregory
funny you lenny henry
kitty’s call for the ooo na na man i got work like ri ri
gyal call up for the boom bow
mana hotline like bt
tai chi tekken that n-gg-
[?] that n-gg-
jump out with my jumpman
1 he dudu dead up that n-gg-

[hook x2]