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lirik lagu 1500savv – awesome freestyle (matt ox & valee remix)


aye, aye

1500 about to get it poppin
i’ll smack a n-gga then sit in silence
i’ll cook a n-gga like a bowl of ramen
i am not the n-gga for all the talkin
dont f-ck wit me and i’ll get very violent
i’ll hit a l!ck then i sit in silence
and all of my n-ggas we get to the money
counting this cash lil b-tch it ain’t funny
i’m never gon stop
vertical straight to the top
f-ck wit the gang you get popped
can’t f-ck wit no thot
young n-gga wanted the top
get money finna go shop
yeah lil b-tch yous a opp
then i say f-ck all the cops
drop a n-gga like the rock
keep grinding never gon stop
if it’s a party, we there
run up on me if you dare
nah n-gga we don’t care
gotta problem shoot the fair
n-ggas rumble everywhere
if it’s bout money i’m there
count it up while you stare
hope in the whip do the dash i be swervin
wood in my hand and you know that it’s burnin
b-tches be callin my phone i be curvin
n-gga try run up on me then it’s curtains
n-gga i ain’t playin wit ya, you don’t understand
this choppa on my lap will clap you and ya mans
always talkin sh-t on me? that was not the plan
i pulled up on you block but i knew yo -ss ran
but i ain’t worried bout you n-gga, ima let it slide
cuz if you see me again you gon run and hide
you told me you was hard n-gga, but i knew you lied
n-ggas talkin sh-t but they won’t come outside
cuz imma real n-gga just don’t get it twisted
i think bout money and also the b-tches
told all y’all n-ggas but n0body listened
hope in the whip and you know my sh-t tinted
ice on my diamonds, look can’t you see
you got some beef bring that n-gga to me
hop in the whip, tuck the strap in the seat
roll it up, cuz i’m smoking my weed
i took ya l!ck, lil n-gga you beat
gotta problem catch me out in the street
they just mad cuz i’m whipping up heat
did the race, no i’m not finna cheat
run up on you, see ya whole body gon drop
they be snitching, i’m not talkin bout oops
see my n-ggas, dab em up on the block
hit ya mans, have you -ss full of shock
imma keep grinding, yea i’m never gon stop
run in yo crib, yeah i’m finna go shop
skrtin off while i’m dropping the top
hit the dash to get away from the cops
i take ya b-tch then we go to l.a
she give me brain and that sh-t made my day
i don’t give a f-ck so just stay out my way
well hop out the truck and then let it spray
caught that b-tch slipping she thought i was staying
i’m wit the gang and just know we ain’t playing
they all know the name
just know that we don’t play games
gas go straight to my brain
feel like i’m going insane
cookie that’s my favorite strian
dimonds they all on my chain
sippin this purp like i’m wayne
on the run b-tch like i’m shane