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lirik lagu 150 – get back


what you think, i’m a f-cking worm like you?
i told you, man, i told you! don’t f-ck with me!
i told you, no f-cking kids!
no, but you wouldn’t listen, why? you stupid f-ck, look at you now
fl!ck shank get an injection, t–th on the top so it’s pulling intestine
l1 the producer
they wan’ a 4 door truck man
they wan’ a opps on the block, man run out and touch man

[verse 1: grizzy]
pumpy make him jumpy but i still show man what the lyca does
see them young g’s wanna gun lean but they don’t even know how to rise it up
i was on the wing with blackz and mays getting money off rice and bud
i remember days being broke and the girls thought that i weren’t nice enough
moove-moove, mad, if you ain’t getting money then too bad
now i’m out, so i’m tryna turn bricks on the uptop, new job
who’s bad? tryna put this rambo through man
heard he got splashed up, ooh, mad, don’t come to the block like “who’s that?”

[verse 2: m24]
i heard that a opp got-got again, this sh-ts all ments, not again
i got bagged, i’m on the block again
babies, aye, i don’t wanna have to get the cot again
we don’t link with no one, that guy is not my friend
i circled that block, i saw no one, couple days i’m on the block again
man can’t chat for me, m got olders telling me “leave them”
it’s corn whenever i see them so they come, all now i can’t see them
on my block all the time like pizza men, from do it & crash they feelin’ m
tell a man move like grizzy, said i jumped out one burst tryna’ feed him lead
i jumped out one burst tryna feed him lead

[verse 3: stickz]
we don’t splash, we’ll give him the water, got a case for this elegant borer
put pipe in another mans daughter, rise suttin’ up, i ain’t feelin’ his aura
spin-spin ting like the western, man let it sing-sing-sing like the west end
big-big ting man invest in, man better mind who’s gangster they’re testing
fl!ck shank get an injection, t–th on the top so it’s pulling intestine
the last-last ting i invest in, cost me an arm and a leg like wrestling

[verse 4: m dargg]
everyone turn gunman, they wan’ gun lean, bun man, this ain’t no sun tan
they wan’ a 4 door truck man, they wan’ a opps on the block man, run out and touch man
get that g lock, pull up on three blocks, me, clockz, 6, same size as detox
man done with the double tap ting, hand ting, shoes in the shoe box, no reeboks (dudu-du)
get ’em bro, just get ’em bro, my man don’t wet ’em bro
just let you know, tryna let them know, that we back fully (true)
in the k, tryna k that, tryna vamp in the a? okay, manna slay that
love money and payback, madmax with the sping ting, eliminate that (dudu-du)

[verse 5: m24]
them man ain’t even real life opps, how is their block congestion charged?
if it’s me, that’s riding, i do it in the best of cars
back then it was f-ck off peugeot whips, i done it then i petrol bathed
me, slap, jb, numerous times we pressed on ours (n-ggas know)
i circled that one-way twice cah’ i saw my man and he jetted fast (dash)
one five, ad, with our chest we repping ours
how you gonna talk when you’re dressed in scars?
defence, no one ain’t getting past
i -ssist and score like messi, dargs
we the winning team, they replicas

[verse 6: grizzy]
’nuff of them wanted to be with gang but we ain’t never let you (moove, moove)
there were no sp-ce for two kings of drill, you can be my niece or my nephew (grizzy-1 fiddy)
i was on basic in thameside, still had a tv and a dead zoot (true)
remember when we got that boy on that estate and the bleeding was dreadful
heard he got slapped again when they locked me up, man we don’t respect you
don’t be getting drunk in the rave, if we get that drop then we gon’ collect you
talk about 1-5-0? like ‘umm-umm-umm’, we gon’ correct you
said a few bars you weren’t meant to
now we’re gonna’ show you what the skeng do