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lirik lagu 12world – back 2 back 2.0


[verse 1: sav12]
most wanted and most hated
we’re on everyone’s playlist
opp block doing up satan
caught my man on a lack and shaved him
bare juice spillin’ on pavements
man mash work on pavements
two man live no time for debating

[verse 2: s1]
the hate’s too real but this sh-t gets handled
step anywhere keep hand pon handle
mr mosthated you’re just too wavy i’m just like thank you
but mind how you step round me
don’t slip, cah you could get hurt for free
right, left, right, left zombie bop man do it with cheek

[verse 3: sav12]
i could talk about numerous drillings
but i ain’t gotta mention none
the verbal ting is long
we done things that the boy ain’t done
how could you ride on us then run
little man nearly got bun
how could you ride on us then run
little man nearly got bun

[verse 4: s1]
all of the verbal’s great
we still pull up on mains
hands on waist all of them boy dere run and skate
how many times have we backed it tried splash it
but them boy dere run away
i’m sick of these foolish tw-ts
man back it ballistic shave it
watch how i do this mate
wave it, pirate swing it
man pitch it, open his f-ckin’ chest
how many times have we backed it
n-ggas know that we are the realist in west
and all of the verbal’s wet
so we don’t wanna here no chat
we do pull up with things on hips
and watch all of dem boy dash

[verse 5: sav12]
21st century savage
when i step on your block don’t panic
that day when shh got captured
it was a horrible one
ching, we left that crime scene tragic
wave that wand like harry did it
them boy went missing i call that magic
i tried run man down
but you know sav12’s asthmatic
oh sh-t i lied
it was down to the smokers lungs
all a man smokes is cabbage
then step out trynna turn man cabbage
do man bait and then it’s forgotten

[verse 6: s1]
them boy can’t talk about gliding
cah you know that we do that often
15 15, and i’m all blacked out like gotham
how many times have i backed that ew
try do man rotten
and still they wanna talk on my name
you’ll get bored, and then forgotten
we put face pon tv
them gyal too needy
but your bae bae cheeky
ay gyal, ay gyal come see me
boodum boodum bum boodum boodum bum, mash up the poom get speedy
your gyal wan be me oh she

[verse 7: sav12]
sav12 far from neeky
this is life of sav
no way can a young boss slack
i’m the most wanted sav
step outside with things in bags
run up on me get splashed
on a glide i’m way too loose
you don’t wanna see sav12 spaz
mad, back out the ramz get splashed
15 inch get skeleton wetted
do up your chest and back
back out the ramz get splashed
15 inch get skeleton wetted
do up your chest and back

[verse 6: s1]
c-cky who’s on it
i’m with it
no slippin’
man grip it back it
man fish it pirate swing it
oh sh-t little man you’re f-cked
how many times have i slid opp block
like somebody’s gotta get touched
but still them wanna talk on my name
alright little man little boy you’re nuts
back this one get wet
oh sh-t, who’s next
you don’t wanna see s vexed