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lirik lagu 12twoface21 – purity


[produced by oth-llo beats]

[verse: jt]
surrounded by women and s-x i’m drowning
everything is so complex
you trapped me here. i don’t know what’s next
i think my goal is to be featured on complex
detach from the money, lonely effects
you want me vulnerable and i’m trying my best
all it is are confessions and steps
addiction’s not the word for it, i’m stuck in a web
covered in darkness

you loved me at least you told me so
wasn’t you? but it was someone though
heart sows doubts in my demeanor
thoughts never clear, picture clear
take it ‘fore i change my mind
why you always high? i thought i was the reason why
adrenaline rush, your purity wasn’t touched
i knew you never felt right
embraced darkness manifest night