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lirik lagu 12teen – prettypink slash prettyface


(oh no)
motion, it is gonna mess me up

drop down when i pop clowns cop down let off six rounds
fore my wrist snapped from the kickback of the tre-pound
hands up face on the ground whats gone happen now
turn the f-ckin gun around (rodamez go to h-ll!)
put the barrel in my mouth pulled the trigger out of sh-lls
haul ah n-gga off to jail, you ain’t on my level
you can’t see me but you can see the red dot from the shot hit your head covered in red daredevil
communicating with h-ll through email i’m like dear devil i’m on my way and it’ll be a cold day that i consider foreplay
with strap-on lesbians shades of grey and ash trays
smoke a little crack but my dope-feen lean give ah normal n-gga cardiac ah heart attack
hooked on aspirin chewing zany bars crashing cars on mushrooms and laughing
blacked out– woke up in the back of a van with two fans and they’re both tweens, they said they really love 12teen and rodamez raheem and we should make a video
smells of gas-fumes, outhouse bathrooms, nitrous, jenk-m synthetic quaaludes fi— what you say b-tch–(why don’t you do a song with taylor swift) she keep nag’in like when you gonna do a song with taylor swift and i can’t shake it off ain’t that some sh-t so i grab the f-ckin hammer and i hit this bi—ahhh what’s all that noise where’s my boys, i’m loseing control i lost my soul so you can take those missing pictures off those poles a kiss from a rose and a bl–dy nose the pain in my face the pain on your face the cocaine was lace you had a pretty face…
(music change)
12teen this is what i mean…
my bel-air hold so much weight philip banks, my pockets stay with so much money i should fill up banks
cruising slow through your hood puffin on that dank, b-tch in the back seat with her face stank she gone off that molly ringwald, pretty pink, cloudcrowd taste-makers stay on that paper chase
and now the p-ssenger just woke up gaggin’ stabbin’ himself in the arm like something happen we all laughin’ on drugs you can’t imagine it’s a good time, (what the f-ck ya’ll slip in my drink)
(?)thrill of the hunt, we outdoors f-ck ah vaporizer roll up ah blunt (?)
its gnarly, prolly, karate chop somebody i’m wobbly, light a match lock all my fans inside of the party
a suicide pact i started ain’t tell n0body