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lirik lagu 10wk3y – moving on pt. 2.5



h-llo, can you hear me?
can you hear me?
this mic better record me
you can’t trust these hoes(x3)
oh no no(x2)
i swear you can’t
i try to tell my homies how they is
and they be still tryna to pay them
and i don’t be with it, i just
slide when the time is right
cuz a youngin gotta do me
a youngin gotta do me
i’m just on the audio… interface


moving on
i said i gotta move on(x2)
you can’t trust these girls(x4)
i said you can’t trust these hoes
you can’t trust these hoes(x2)
and if you’re a girl and listening to this
then you’re probably cool man, i f-cks with you man
you feel me, i’m not talking about the girls like you
and shout out to the homies that’s listening to this