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lirik lagu 10th anniversary cast of les misérables – who am i? / the trial


he thinks the man is me
he knew me at a glance
that stranger he has found

this man could be my chance
why shoulď i save his hide
why should i right this wrong
when i have come so far
and struggled for so long
if i speak i am condemned
if i sty silent i am d-mned
i am the master
of hundreds of workers
they all look to me
how can i abandon them
how would they live
if i am not free
if i speak i am condemned
if i stay silent i am d-mned
who am i
can i condemn this man to slavery
pretend i do not feel his agony
this innocence who bears my face
goes to judgment in my place
who am i can i conceal myself
forever more pretend im not
the man i was before
must my name until i die
be no more than an alibi
must i lie how can i face my
fellow men how can i
ever face mysef again
my soul belongs to god i know
i made that bargain long ago
he gave me hope
when hope was gone
he gave me strength to journey on
who am i who am i
i am jean valjean
you see javert you see its true
that man bears no more
guilt than you
who am i 24601