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lirik lagu 10cellphones – 10goons


[10cellphones: verse]
i’m from sc4, where the trouble at
20 bands on me, i’ma double that
opp sh-t, i can not f-ck with that
up the pole, he gon’ run like a running back
(?) you know i’ma double (?)
f-ck on your b-tch and she got a fat back
she on my d-ck, cause i got a fat stack
bad b-tch, that look better than cash stacks
i’m on the block and i got like 2 gats
i see a opp, i’ma shoot that
i’m kicking your door, like where all the loot at
if you don’t want no smoke, just move back
i hit the jugg and i had no option
now i got blue cheese in my pocket
you won’t catch me without a rocket
shooters in the backseat with the chopper
i can’t miss, like i got aimbot
don’t be mad cause we f-cking the same thot
i remeber i had no thots
now i got more thots and i got more guap
so sick of this 9, i want a .45
hit up the migo plug, take his mota
always lowkey deaf in the chota
bad dominican and she loca
she gon’ do it, what ever i say so
i see a opp, she p-ss me the draco
i call a goon, he got the glit
you n-gg-s ain’t shooters, you making me sick
33 rounds in the stick
non of these n-gg-s legit, and (?)
i’m on the block and i’m hot with the sh-t
i feel in love with my glock 19 b-tch

[goonew: verse]
i feel in love with my glock in this sh-t
2 tone glock and you know it’s fit
i’m chasing that money, ain’t chasing your b-tch
i run with that sack and i’m running like zip
i got a hunnid guns, i got a stick
10 cent folds, hit him with the stick
i just hit a lick and that bought me a b-tch
she a lil broke b-tch, make me sick
i got a plug from the south, he deliver
i’m with my n-gg-s, we be sliming like (?)
i’m calling plays, watch me (?)
my spanish b-tch, she be talking that sh-t
i’m getting money, guap, that fetti, that chedder
i go in the south, then i spend a band
i with the sh-t, watchu saying
i spend a band, then we spend it again