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lirik lagu #100trill – sharkeisha


[hook: mike jaxx]
all this f-cking dope should be illegal
all this f-cking dope should be illegal
pack hit loud call it sharkeisha
pack hit loud call it sharkeisha
all this f-cking dope should be illegal!
all this f-cking dope should be illegal
pack hit loud call it sharkeisha
pack hit loud call it sharkeisha

[verse 1: mike jaxx]
oh my lord forgot dopes illegal
this sh-t i’m smoking so strong that it diesel
this sh-t got me so trippy i call weasel
(this sh-t got me fried too bro this sh-t lethal)
b-tch i do not give a f-ck i be rolling up kush back to back
so many o’s in this b-tch
it look like i be running a trap
n-gga, don’t ask me no questions
i’m rolling off the tweak up in this session
light the bowl my n-gga, yeah!
these b-tches love a good d-ck-ted playa
all i want is the strong
if it ain’t bout that don’t hit my phone


[verse 2: grade aplus]
all of strains all of these flavors
got me all in the matrix
up in my home, puffin so strong
smell this sh-t all on my neighbors
f-ck next door, n-gga down the block
and my n-gga get it like a pound a pop
dope so strong you could stretch it out
you just need 1 blunt for thousand thots
but i’ma bowl n-gga
light that let it get up in yo soul quicker
strong -ss green that hulk n-gga
while you blown on reggie like them old n-ggas
murdawoods n-gga so trees be k!lla
blown on the monster green that godzilla
stomping through yo city knocking sh-t down
blown out a big cloud
tell me u done seen somethin trilla
we just light the dope don’t give no f-cks about em
these n-ggas pays these hoes
we gettin bucks up out em
nuts up out em, b-tch lucky if she get it a puff up out me
roll the sh-t tight cause it hit like big mike
in a fist fight that f-ckin sour


[verse 3: weasel sims]
oh my lord this dope should be illegal
get it from my people american amigos
got a ran dropping to his knees like tebow
bopping like kemo
blowing back my top like chemo-
feel it in the air like siegel
flyer than a higher than a motherf-ckin seagull, eagle
look at those low rates boosting up my ego
got me out the game not speaking like d,rose
my n-gga, get well soon
i don think i’m coming outta this spell soon
pack hitting loud call it sharkeisha
great a eager weasel like its nice to meet ya
n-gga don’t ask me no questions
i’m rolling bout to tweek off in a session
if you smell it too easy it’s a loud pack
chest wheezy moving on up, asthma attack
caught a n-gga off guard put me on my back
punch me hard in the nose can’t bounce back
hit me all in the face like you know what you did
this is that order it is what it is
this that order i put it on kids
this reefer’s khalifa, i’m feeling like wiz arrgh