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lirik lagu 100s – the manuscript


ride music, ‘just got paid, bending corners with your b-tch getting high’ music
ride music, ‘trying to get in what you put in, but you just getting by’ music
f-ck a club i’d rather focus on my music, and getting rich, then again, who buy music?
f-ck it if a b-tch ain’t up on overtime, if you wanna break her pocket first you must control her mind
test the water, tell her by you something small
food, or a beverage, or a pack of drawers
if she do it then you got her n-gga, next step:
“i want some shoes from the mall, take the next left”
you want the straight cash, oh you want the straight cash
that’s the end to the tale
and half these b-tches never even came once
so when you chop, you chop well
then that b-tch gon’ think that you the whole package
winning parents over, easy: you just keep ’em laughing
daddy says the game one, you tryna watch it
talking bout the ho’s he flipped back in college
momma told you stay for dinner
if she saying you the one, yea thats gon’ really get her
my n-gga you could have all of this
your cousin 100s gonna tell you how to knock a b-tch

[hook x2]
i’m just a different type of n-gga
jut a different type of n-gga

‘skinny pimpin’ type of n-gga
‘perm, chilling’ type of n-gga

so you got it now
but keep that game straight cuz they gon’ notice if it’s watered down
now you try to make it double, find a b-tch that’s in the struggle
then you tell her ‘join the huddle’ when you let her know
most these n-ggas trick these b-tches f-ck with anyway
so if you running than you might as well be getting paid
i’m just saying, you decide to do it, do it right
and i know most these b-tches thought about it once or twice
who don’t wanna be a seven figure n-gga
raise up the cost as much as giving ten n-ggas breaks
you a d-mn lie if you say it ain’t you
og n-gga saying they don’t hear me, nephew
pick her up and drop her off
yea that’s how the sh-t works
tell her, “tell him you ain’t doing sh-t, you want the cash first”
now you’re willie d, pockets fat, feeling g
hoes want they’re time appeased then they must accept the fees
tryna play a player, please
b-tch i’m out lacing bs with game i got from oversees
and game i got from making gs
my n-gga you could have all of this
your cousin 100s gonna tell you how to knock a b-tch like that