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lirik lagu 100 bulletz – my whole life


my whole life

i said i gave my whole life; i look back n’ i may be stupid
but by the age of three, i was playin music
n’ i don’t mean a phase, boy, i was raised into it
i’m talkin’ year after year, i was trained to do it
8th grade, told myself i’d be famous
they gon know my name, lil’ n-gga, i was goin through it
then i said i’d make a mill before i left high school
12 years later, still make excuses
like, it happened for a reason, believe and achieve
if you build it, they’ll come, but this ain’t a movie
i shoulda quit a long time ago
but that’s givin up and real talk, i’m ashamed to do it
and it ain’t the pride speakin
if i leave now, that’s 30 years gone and i’m afraid to lose em
and maybe what i say is foolish
but ain’t it take thirty-three years for jesus to get betrayed by judas?

i said, “i gave my whole life!”

i look around and see:
andrew a lawyer, john he a doctor
my lil’ brother got his bachelors, god is good allahu akbar
akeem in the army, grant, he a teacher
oj in the nfl, shawn now a preacher
and what i’m doin? makin music…
head straight but it feels like i’m bout to lose it
feel planted, reachin’ for the stars
and they ever want from me is bars…

you really think i came this far to spit a punch line?
i need my pops to see his son shine
make em proud enough to know my mom cry
for all my family locked in cages by the one time
my people who just wanna see me win a grammy… one time
gettin dumb high
i’m talkin’ private jet; 2am toronto; in belize before the sunrise
i don’t know how to unwind, that’s what i’m rappin for
both my daughters good, but what happen when they ask for more?
so, you can stack bars, i’m all about stackin paper
from the east to the bayside, zack n slater
so much paper it don’t matter how you act paper
let my kids draw on it, daddy call it scr-p paper
keep it 100; bring it back when the tracks through
made a beat, wrote a hooks, laced the tracks too
but’ if bars what you attract to
you got a one-track mind, lets make a deal, i’ll give you track two