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lirik lagu u901 – promise

[intro: female voice]

but you literally sound like some poetic n*gg*, like, talking over a track
like, it sounds like that could be like half of the song, too
just an idea

[chorus x 4]

man i promise they ain’t f*cking with us
man i promise they ain’t f*cking with us
man i promise they ain’t f*cking with us
man i promise they ain’t f*cking with us

[vesre 1: nick j.]

man i promise y’all ain’t f*cking with me
i love killin’ the compet*tion and stealing their women
i leave ’em alone when i’m f*ckin’ finished
it’s so crazy how quickly a n*gg* can vanish
so gone, you’ll never find me
i’m way ahead of you n*gg*s, ain’t n*body behind me
if a n*gg* disrespect, i get up in the booth and best believe
that i’ll leave his *ss where the ground be
that’s beef, n*gg*
i’m a beast, n*gg*
ready to feast, hungry, showing off my teeth, n*gg*
only real n*gg*s rolling with me, n*gg*
[undefined], pilot gang, you know we bring the heat, n*gg*
all hits, no misses, like heat seekers
all i need is these dope beats and loud in my swishers and
maybe some beautiful women in a few positions
you know i’m grinding for this sh*t for a better position
i been cold, don’t know what is missin’
man i got the game on lock like a life sentence
freestyles murder your writtens
what the f*ck is compet*tion?
i got the weight of the world on my shoulders, smoke a blunt, and now i lift it
y’all too cheap to pay attention
y’all don’t know this tension
me and tero killin’ everybody with the sh*t we spittin’
busy while y’all b*tching
killin’ beats ’til y’all dizzy
i ain’t got no pity for you f*ck n*gg*s

[chorus x 4]

[verse 2: young tero]

man i promise they ain’t f*cking with us
them n*gg*s got some problems, but they aren’t with us
in order for you to ball, you had to start with us
back when i was broke, still eating in the dark
n*gg*s meddling, and these women be sweating me
lost me and regretting it
some say that i’m a dog, but i can bet you i’m of the highest pedigree
remember me?
i’m so hot, i incinerate anything that’s standing in my way
i put rappers up in my tray
so these girls want me to penetrate
channeling energy
what was i finna say?
n*gg*, i swear it’s so hard to remember this stuff
you can’t really blame us for living it up
i mean, we got a plug that delivers this stuff
every single day, i gotta get it, motherf*cker
i ain’t ever lied
got these boys petrified
tero gotta terrorize
this is mental exercise
different combinations of rhythms and making letters rhyme
my song versus your life, i bet i could show you a better time
you’re just a regular guy
n*gg*, what level am i?
killin’ them, ready or not
got trees, ready to climb
see y’all and hear rihanna
“all i see is dollar signs”

[chorus x 4]

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