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lirik lagu paris (rapper) – prelude

yeah, 1990 mothaf*ckin’ four
p-dog, back in this motherf*cker
the black panther of hip-hop comin’ at ya with the trunk-a-funk
what up, k-cloud? yeah
shots goin’ out to all them fake-*ss wannabe, uh, “real n*gg*s”
y’all keep sellin’ out, i keep bringin’ the truth
west coast funk, guerrilla funk
comin’ at ya straight from the bay
and like i said, “in god i trust, so n*gg* do what you must”
i’m a still bring it to ya
and to ya punk-*ss pigs out there, it definitely ain’t over
l.a. we play comin’ to your town soon, yeah
oh, and uh, chris joyce, how you feel? i ain’t forgot you motherf*ckers
keep your eyes on this, scarface records 1994
and it don’t stop

- lirik lagu paris rapper