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lirik lagu lil wayne – gangsta shit

feat. petey pablo [lil wayne talking] uh-oh, uh-oh you know how we do it weezy and petey, baby ya’know this here is 500 degreez holla at ’em dogg [petey pablo] ’cause i know i ain’t dreaming i swear to god it sound like petey pablo on that track with lil weezy switching it up f**k it put them things on the truck what’s the name of y’all jeweler tell ’em freeze me up hating me kinky licks talking so much lemme give these sons of b*tches a reason to keep it talking you want to you ain’t built to squabble with us i come to your show with heat homes and run on your bus i drink your water up cool off i’m leaving with something they leaving you something crop stolen an *sshole heard it hip on purpose dre i did what you told me i been acting like i don’t hear ya but that sh*t been working keep me a burner poison that i grab in the morning ’cause i know that that’s what’s gon hold me down on this earth a real n*gg* trill n*gg* pull out and get debated i keep waiting i hear your name in the papers [hook][lil wayne & petey pablo] they call me young as weezy i’m gon round up the whole uptown we gon burn this b*tch down to the ground people understand that you’re f**king with some motherf**king soldiers crazy-*ss petey i’ma tell a n*gg* just like this if you want it boy you sure can get it you ain’t heard it’s cash money and that carolina n*gg* [lil wayne] they call me gangsta gangsta weezy, weezy lil birdman junior holla at ya n*gg* i f**k around and throw a bottle at you n*gg* i’ma big pimp i throw a model at you n*gg* squad-ad squad up throw up the motto at you n*gg*z you can mind up i throw a hollow at you n*gg* and i’m so high no i’m too high but a little work on a few blocks and i put a few skirts on a few blocks if you dirt you feel the burst from my fuse box oh lordy there n*body like me shortie i hold cash money myself it’s me money old cats wants to test come see shortie i got it all hot it in the pocket i’ll pop it i riding in a ‘rarri where the top is in my pocket that’s young weezy baby [hook] [lil wayne] it’s young wayne game is ashamed and they say he’s a pain he is crazy deranged put them blades on his thing it’s like 80 to summer so, when the sun hit it look like baby or something so, when i come through the ladies praise me or something like, weezy’s the man if you be’s where he be’s then you leaves with a tan ’cause he’s 500 degreez i need a fan, whew cool me off wipe me down daddy is back in town with the back of my caddy slanted down and the mack goes +black+ if you ask around put some hash in that gr*ss that you p*ss around then i stash a pound by my ave with rounds i’m a gangsta until they put my casket down you can ask around and they tell you like me there ain’t n*body like me it’s weezy baby [hook] [lil wayne talking] aiiyo see this is right here is young weezy n*gg* don’t get it tangled and twisted i’m in the studio right now n*gg* with my boy my n*gg* boo in this b*tch my n*gg* hot boy alb*m ya’know what i mean 500 degreez they all riding with ya boy fi-fi they gotta feel me birdman junior, number one stunna my partner you know the name, b*tch

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