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lirik lagu leki – latin lover

midsummer night i met him there, he saw me
did not know why he had this stare, he was buggin’ me
i said:”you got a f*cking problem?!? so what you want?
want me to solve ‘em, pervert!!
move outa my face before i scratch yours open,
you’re working on my nerves, nozem!”
alas a word he spoke, nothing much
‘nd d*mn i don’t know why, it got me touched
‘nd one thing led to two
and before i knew, got me doing what i wasn’t supposed to do
salsa, lambada and all of that latin fever got me shakin’ baby
you ooohyou oooh

chorus :
1) you’re my sweet lover king, you’re my don juan
boy you turn me on, come and give me some
of that good summer lovin’
we’ll be kissin’ and ah, huggin’
‘till the mood is gone
and it’s time to go home

2) i’ll be gone tomorrow
gone tomorrow (x2)
have no sorrow
it was fine while we had it
but you know it’s time to bag it
and send it on, send it on, send it on, send it on

you play me like an instrument
beethoven or mozart, they couldn’t get in the ring with ya
you’re smooth finger touch gets a girl all insane
a real gentleman who knows how to treat a dame
make me hit the right note when you stroke my snare
got me singin’ opera the symbioses ‘s near
make me feel more woman than the woman i am
fed my soul with the food of celestial brand, ooooh
i don’t even remember your name
but it’s all the same
the mood is right, here by the candlelight
all the lies and clichés a girl wants to hear
they all reached my ear, with the perfect way
you sang me that serenade, that serenade, that serenade


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