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lirik lagu future – muphucka

[hook: young scooter]
they check my resume – bet they ain’t stayin’ silent
check my favorite, chanel and fendi, all over my body
ferrari seats ostrich, gorgeous, got that thing
gotta keep that thing – i know these n*gg*s clap
got that extendo, on that tec, muph*cka
bought a car, got some rims for that muph*cka
copped the spot, put that gl*ss in that muph*cka
just got a house, i paid cash for that muph*cka

[verse 1: young scooter]
we crucial, got that cannon in this muph*cka
you tripped up my cameraman in this muph*cka
50-round banana clip on that ak
n*gg* play, i’m goin’ bananas in this muph*cka
ain’t nothin’ but bad b*tches in my view, muph*cka
that n*gg* tried that n*gg*’s mind in that muph*cka
that boy a mark, that boy casino in this muph*cka
freebandz, yeah, my whole gang in this muph*cka
we can throw 20 racks on them hatin’ suckers
i see you talkin’ strong, but we got the muscles
shooters on file, so i ain’t gotta hustle
and i ain’t gotta say sh*t, they just know to bust you


[verse 2: mexico rann]
we in the station straight flexin’ in this muph*cka
scooter, how you get that pound in this muph*cka?
you know we got them pistols in this muph*cka
i shoulda bought the kitchen in this muph*cka
cook so much dope my mama start b*tchin’
turned her sunday kitchen to a f*ckin’ dope business
black amigo n*gg*s known for water whippin’
we bust them bails down and remix and pivot
check my resume, i never told nothin’
whoever your favorite rapper is, he ain’t sold nothin’
don’t ride bundts, throw some forges on that muph*cka
you wanna stretch it? throw some water on that muph*cka

- lirik lagu future