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lirik lagu feezy hus $le aka kroko – banana

intro : allen iverson

verse 1

all my n*gg*s need that check
all my n*gg*s need that bag
n*gg* full of cash
i you ain’t ready you can’t test
cozy n*gg*s on my back
im banging with them
puffin indo for the stress
come for the worst for the best
middle finger the rest
nappy n*gg* till the death
back to the back b*tch i’m back in the track
i be lifting lifting all my brain you messin with the crack trapped in bando
thought we can live it like twice
live it and live it sike sh*t on your motto
my knowledge lacking pretty hard
nothing nothing i do know
f*ck what you thought
i’m raising im raising the bar
say she don’t love me
that p*ssy she poppin she poppin
i ain’t really into jewels
boy i got lotta that juice
f*ck what you do
b*tch im micheal jackson with the crew
n*gg*s be walking on p**p i walked on the moon
p*ssy n*gg*s always trippin
my thea i be i be sippin
screw whay you’re meanin’
n*gg* tell me why snitching
n*gg* tell me why u p*ssy
dat sh*t is so crazy
i wake up and i gotta go
hearing the gong
infinite infinite gong
every time i hit the road
i been puffin the strong d*mn i’m puffin the strong
the illest the illest i’m on
t.o.g.o on my mind till i’mma gone
they don’t know where i stay
i be moving in silence
they can’t see me
im the kroko the vilain


few n*gg*s on my side
i don’t really need a lot
many n*gg*s on my right
all my demons gonna die


all my n*gg*s need that check
p*ssy n*gg*s cannot check
check and i check
if you cozy n*gg* check
if you flexin n*gg* check

nappy n*gg* want that check
p*ssy n*gg*s cannot check
i bang and i check
if you p*ssy you can’t check
if you feel me n*gg* check
chigie die check
all my n*gg*s need that check
all my n*gg*s need that check
all my n*gg*s need that check
all my n*gg*s need that check
if you cozy n*gg* check
if you flexin n*gg* check
i bang and i bang
p*ssy n*gg* cannot check
all my n*gg*s need that check

verse 2

i drop and i knock rules
mothef*ck you motherf*ck your crew
all my n*gg*s bang
all my n*gg*s got juice
f*ck your crew motherf*ck yo roots pause
i ride for the pack
seeking and seeking cash
seeking the cash
f*ck you saying n*gg* callin me cousin
i met a n*gg* for 30 dirty seconds
that flow is pretty and be killin em fast
no gun all we got is skills and the hash
im put your *ss back in the past
put you *ss back in the past
in a race you be like yeezy you’re last
come on don’t be a hoe till the death
imma lick a n*gg* if you do try me
i put your *ss down in the cemetery
where you can’t find out your place
p*ssy n*gg*s on the plate we gon eat em like cake
b*tch i’m hidin i’m hiding in the haze
ain’t n*body f*cking safe
i sh*t on your grave
see you rapping boy you corny
hate them n*gg*s they so boring
spit the verse like a dragon
rapping easy but art is harder b*tch you gotta gotta be a joker
i’m the angel with the horns
in the river i were born
p*ssy n*gg*s all around
p*ssy n*gg*s all abound
p*ssy n*gg*s shut em down

chorus + pre-chorus

- lirik lagu feezy hus le aka kroko