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lirik lagu emɐnuǝl x – candles

[verse 1: emɐnuǝl x]

n*gg*s front a lot

till you pump a glock/

b*tch i pump the block with confidence

don’t act like a b*mbaclat/

whippin my foreign

like crash bandicoot/

except if i crash the coupe i’m selling

xans until all my bands recoup/

motherf*cka better make

sure that ya mans astute/

cuz greatness is about what you’ve

done not bout what you plan to do/

see you n*gg*s got bm’s

and i just bought a bm/

every time i hop out that

b*tch i say carpe diem/

change ya mentality –

watch ya sh*t grow/

said the mind is a weapon

aimed at you better get low/

might get hoes but truly

rather get chose/

as one of the greatest to do it since

we lost makaveli to death row/

my crown made of

thorn roses/

n*gg*s try and sink me

split them waters like moses/

never doubt a man despite

the lack of threat he poses/

doses of overconfidence is

like too much c*ke for noses/


[chorus: emɐnuǝl x]

ones in the air for


put ya ones in the air

for aaliyah/


[verse 2: emɐnuǝl x]

get it by any means i’m

all heart and muscle/

good comes to those who wait but
that’s what’s left from those who hustle/

i ain’t got friends my

n*gg* — just a lotta fam/

and a bunch of people who

think they know who i am/

my mama took her sonograms

in the promised land/

i’m the chosen one i got accomplishments

all you got is plans/

n*gg*s say more

than they do/

and just cuz it was said don’t

even mean that it’s true/


visions of pullin up

in a phantom/

with a chain that looks like i

held medusas head up for ransom/

snakes in her hair

but even more in illadelph/

that’s why i stay clear of you

n*gg*s and only f*ck with myself/

too focused on my goals right now

to find the time to date you/

i’m only tryna be somebody

the people relate to/

you’d be surprised of the places

that a breakthrough will take you/

cuz even friends’ll silently

wanna be you or hate you/


[verse 3: emɐnuǝl x]

i be lookin at you n*gg*s

like “whose mans is this?”/

you n*gg*s think like b*ms

i think like a philanthropist/

f*cked your b*tch and left

you ample p*ssed/

had her lookin back at me sayin my name

trust me i’m a romanticist/

singles these days cost

a buck an ear like tampa bay/

we got the internet you think

these kids gon really pay?/

it’s all about pimpin ya

merch and ya shows/

i swear pimpin music these

days is like pimpin some hoes/

i’m pimpin my goals let the art

write this like rheumatoid/

believe in me so much if

you insecure i leave you annoyed/

be so deep in thought i feel like

this generations sigmund freud/

rap entered a new sp*ce and i

came just in time to fill the void/

i’m pimpin i’m pimpin fasho/

i’m pimpin i’m pimpin fasho/

and if these n*gg*s won’t let me in the game then
trust imma come thuggin and kick in the door/



- lirik lagu em%c9%90nu%c7%9dl x