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lirik lagu birdman – get money

get money
(feat. lil wayne, mack maine & t-pain)

[chorus: t-pain]
hey heh, hey heh
i’m gettin’ money on the streets
you n*gg*s don’t know how to eat
i turn a diamond to a dollar
if you know how to hustle n*gg* holla
i do it how i does it
i get it from my cousin, i’m buzzin
and you know who i am
homie it don’t really matter what you say
say eh, say eh, say eh
b*tch i’m gettin money

we the business
coming through shining
blew a couple of hundreds
big timing all the time, n*gg* been stuntin
pearl white maybach, n*gg* spent a mill
bugatti for 2, on the hill
shining with my strap in my right pocket
hundred thousand a day on that sky rocket
from round the block doing this sh*t round the clock
million dollar n*gg* doing this sh*t non-stop
swagged out, big d*gg*ng on a private flight
popping bottles, celebrating living life
blowing big, freelander down?
ymcmb n*gg*, rich gang

[chorus: t-pain]

[mack maine:]
ugh, big dawg sh*t n*gg*
i’m on my feet like dog sh*t n*gg*
tell em hatin’ n*gg*s miss me with that hatin’ sh*t
and tell them b*tches, my d*ck got a waiting list
i ain’t trippin n*gg* i’m just taking trips
put the money on the trampoline and make it flip
young mack, stupid mack?
i just bought a coupe, the roof is translucent
pockets on etc, money talk bullsh*t, walk like george jefferson
virgins they ain’t f*cking with us
young money cash money
f*ck them other n*gg*s

[chorus: t-pain]

[lil wayne:]
if i ain’t getting money, then i’m getting p*ssy
i don’t play with you p*ss*es get a silver bullet
i know you looking so how i look
i don’t f*ck with n*gg*s, call me george bush
it’s tunechi baby, the money man
the money talks, now i understand
that chopper make a n*gg* do the running man
i would take a girl and turn her p*ssy to a punching bag
i’m a stunt my *ss off, b*tch that’s word to stunna man
school these b*tch *ss n*gg*s, you are undergrad
the world is in my hand, smack the sh*t out you with my other hand
young money, cash money, welcome to wonderland

[chorus: t-pain]

- lirik lagu birdman